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Low str again, so youll have to rely on your archery and devices for damage for a long time to come.

Once you have some money, the red store sometimes sells wands of magic missile; it might be worthwhile to buy them.

Your melee weapon is not going to put out much damage which is generally a very bad thing, but given that you wont be able to change that in the near future, there is a positive side to it: you can use your wepon as a stat stick.

Look out for ego weapons in the shops with {??} unknown runes. There is a pattern to those ego weapons which you might already be able to recognize; for example, if it gives an int bonus its either *slay* animal or demon.

Some of the egos, for example *slay* evil, can give free action, see invisibility or rarely even telepathy. Holy avenger always has a wis bonus and see invisibility; westernesse, recogizable by multiple stat numbers which apply to str, dex and con, always gives both FA and see invis.
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