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The only stat swap potion I would want to drink with that character at this time is brawn.

As for spells, dont expect to be able to cast anything outside book 1 with any reliability. Dont bother carrying anything but book1 until you get access to identify rune in book 3 which is worth casting even at 50% fail rate. In that book there is also satisfy hunger which saves you from forgetting to eat in town and stone to mud which doesnt lose much usefulness from having to rest for mana a lot.

Book 2 I dont normally carry before the lategame if at all; while the spells would be extremely useful, the fact that they cant be cast reliably and are too mana intensive means I rather use devices for the purpose of curing poison, teleporting self or lighting up hallways.

You can wield that dagger and use it in town for a while, to identify some of the curses. Read a ?phase too hoping to id the nasty no-teleportation curse.

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