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roguelike keyset remapping

I've never used the roguelike keyset much, but lately I've been trying to get comfortable with it. Kind of using it to get used to vim cursor movement keys, but that's another story

There are a few mappings that I found didn't make sense of differed from the standard keyset for no good reason.

Not sure why wands and rods are reversed... I swapped them back... 'a'im a want and 'z'ap a rod.

'a' -> 'z'
'z' -> 'a'

I rotated the commands based around the 'v' key. I never use the version command, and rarely throw once I have a ranged weapon. Now repeat command requires a single keypress using a dominant finger, rather than a combo.

'v' -> '^V'
'V' -> 'v'
'^V' -> 'V'

By default, 'f' is unused, 't' uses your ranged weapon, 'T' unequips items... just seems weird. I kept unequipping items when trying to tunnel...

'f' -> 't'
't' -> 'T'
'T' -> '^T'

I think there are some others that I'm forgetting. Interested in hearing some other suggestions, too.
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