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I see. Hm... Not sure if there were any other bugfix releases. I guess this is it then?

Also, please bare in mind that currently Portralis is still in beta stage. It is perfectly playable though! It's just that the world is not yet finished, and there may be a bug here and there... But the story itself (with lots of quests and dungeons) even now provides for *hours* of gameplay, and since there are so many choices a player can take in terms of character design, replayability is extremely high. I really hope you won't get discouraged by the "unfinished" status.

Oh, one more thing I think I should mention. Obviously, I'm a fan. But please note that I didn't write the review in order to "force" you into Portralis. Not at all. I know and I perfectly understand that not all will love it as much as I do, for (fortunately!) we each have a different taste. My intention was simply to describe the variant and hopefully encourage you to try it out! At the moment, Portralis is pretty much unknown, and I think it really deserves more attention. Later, as you'll see how things are, you'll (of course) make your own judgment. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you'll hate it, or maybe you'll fall in love with it like I did.

Best regards!

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