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Just to clarify, there are three things we can talk about with the probability distribution of gold drops:

range: the range of possible gold drops (currently 1 - MAX_INT)

mean: the average gold drop (currently considered too low)

variance or standard deviation: relates to the expected deviation from the mean

So what I think we're arguing about is "infinite range" not "infinite variance" (I'm not sure what infinite variance would mean). I think the correct solution is actually to alter the mean (and optionally the variance) to get things to a level we want.

I don't see anything wrong with an algorithm with infinite range as long as it works.

EDIT: Doing a bit of research, some distributions don't have a variance, so maybe that is what infinite variance means. I haven't looked at the actual method used yet, but I do know of distributions which have infinite range but have a mean and a variance (the exponential distribution, for instance). I am not some kind of statistics expert though so people should feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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