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Nightlies squelch bug

Getting a strange (not serious) squelch bug in the nightlies; assumed it was my bad memory for a while, but I was sure this time.

I set a bunch of things I had never seen to squelch - mage books, bad wands / staves. Noticed that a few of them were showing up anyway. This character was standing next to a scarabtrices book; it was squelched, but not gone. When I walk over it to squelch, the options are "This one only" or "Unsquelch all x?" It is properly squelched in the menus. There was also a ring there - I had squelched the type previously after finding it during play.

Using the Feb 13th nightly on Mac OS X, where the keypad still works.

And after writing this up, I saved, quit and reloaded the game to check, and the squelched items are gone. I am posting the save anyway, but not sure what might be going on. It has happened earlier in this game at other times, I just hadn't spent much time checking.

On a side note; why do heal monster items not auto squelch anymore? I can understand clone, as that is occasionally useful to some people. But heal is always bad.
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