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Game Master's Campaign - Fantasy art kit

So, I got pulled into more projects after completing the artwork for Angband. Book covers and interior illustrations for HARP and Rolemaster, and artwork upgrades for the digital Rolemaster extension for Fantasy Grounds 2....which again lead me to plunge into a huge art kit made up of various tiles & tokens for use with virtual tabletop softwares.

Everything will be painted as seen from a top-down view, in order to be able to rotate the tokens on the battlemap, using the same token.

I'm in the process of rigging up a separate page for this project on my personal website, seen here:

The project will be launched on sometime soon, hopefully within a few weeks. I just need to paint more preview images for it, so people get a good look of what the art for the kit will look like.

Posting a few preview at the end here:

Fantasy art kits for personal and commercial use. Commercial use requires a Developer license, also available through my website.
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