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Good luck!

For everyone else, I've heard that one of the most important things for getting Kickstarter to publicize your campaign for you is to have a lot of early momentum, so if you're going to contribute to this campaign, contribute now. Remember that your credit card won't be charged until the end of the campaign.

Shockbolt, some suggestions:

1) Clearly indicate the scale of the map units. What kinds of figurines would work well with these maps? Or are they not compatible with figures?

2) The previews need to be way up higher in the project description. People want to know what they'll be getting in exchange for their support.

3) What license is being provided for the imagery?

4) It was unclear to me at the start that there was no physical product being provided. People will want to know that they're expected to print out their own maps (assuming they want to run a real-life campaign with your work).

5) You should run a spellchecker; there's a few minor typos (e.g. "lisense", "nomatter")

Anyway, best of luck to you!
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