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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
If you want each point of AC to be as relevant as, say, a point of DEX or INT or whatever, then you need a drastically compressed scale. Most non-body armor would have a base AC of maybe 1-3, with enchantment being similarly capped; body armor would be bigger but probably mostly in the range of 4-10 plus similar enchantment. The overall goal would be to get a "top-tier" AC value down to around 50 at most, which would be roughly equivalent to an AC in the current game of 300+.
You may really be onto something here. If AC operated within roughly the same range as stats do, then even a modest boost to AC, let's say a point or 2, would be noticeable (assuming linear scaling, unlike stats). Thus a full suit of unenchanted heavy armour would yield an AC of ~18, and with magical bonuses would reach ~40. This would greatly compress the AC difference among the various armours rendering many identical, so there would need to be a separate means of differentiation, or a culling of the types. I'd prefer the former.
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