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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Thats what it boils down to: AC is a luxury, like sound resitance. I feel it should be a necessity, like poison resistance.
To be fair, if you try to engage in melee with an AC of zero you will have a bad time. So it is a necessity, at least for melee characters. The problem, I suspect, boils down to:

1) Players tend to get "enough" AC without really thinking about it, and
2) It's difficult to gauge how much of an impact each additional point of AC makes.

Item 2 can be taken care of by compressing the AC scale. I'm unsure what to do about item 1; part of the problem is that there are so many AC-giving equipment slots. I guess you could make every piece of armor (except maybe body armor) give 0 AC by default, such that the player would be getting hit 95% of the time "by default" unless they made a dedicated effort to get +AC, but that feels weird to me. Maybe start the player off with negative AC, which is brought up to zero by filling in every equipment slot with unenchanted gear?
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