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Oposband 0.2 Release

This is the next release of Oposband, a variant of FrogComposband with some extra bits thrown in (Blue Mage & Imitator, plus Hexblade & Chaos Mage from Composband).

EDIT: Warning, this breaks savefiles from 0.1.X and 0.2.0 versions. 0.2.1+ should be fine.

Major changes:
-Theme was streamlining the amount of grinding to get bonuses if you switched weapon type or spell.
-Split the three types of weapons (hafted, polearms, swords) into six: hafted, stave, polearms, axes, swords, daggers+stabby weapons, adding three new weapon TVALS.
-Replaced weapon / skill proficiency system with new system where proficiency is by weapon class (TVAL; weaponmaster choices) instead of individual weapon types.
-Removed spell proficiency system. Encouraged casting spells over and over again in safe spaces to build up proficiencies. Effectively everyone is now at Expert proficiency in their spells.
-Restored books of Kendo, fixing problem with skillmasters where they could gain skill in Kendo but couldn't actually use it without books. Samurai are now book casters for now.
-Chaos patron is now preserved for quick-starting from dead character's save files.

Thanks to everyone who has played and offered feedback / criticisms / suggestions.

Big thanks to Gwarl for figuring out what needs to happen to host this on!

A precompiled Windows binary is here:

Source code is here:

This should be considered a beta release and rebalancing is probably needed somewhere.

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