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Oposband 0.2.1 Release

Released a small update to 0.2.0 with some features and fixes. 0.2.0 Savefiles should still work with this, except that existing Mages loaded in from old savefiles won't gain the new ability.

Windows binary and source code available here:

-Recreated the Mage class's ability to change second realm (lost when spell learning was removed)
-Nerfed dragons back to their Frogcomposband levels to better fit danger progression
-Shifted Dragon's Lair dungeon back to Frogcomposband depths to accomodate depth changes for dragons
-Fixed suggested stat allocation for Sorcerers since they are INT casters again.
-Armor is now spelled 'armor' instead of 'armour'
-Ants now come in groups.
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