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My best char ever...

My best char ever died just now: Shara, the Dunadan Sorceress. Died at clvl = dlvl = 22 (Orc Caves). She dived through the caves completely unprepared, no resistances except paralysis, only three spellbooks (Cantrips, Noxious Cloud and Id), not even a basic Magestaff.
She made it to the last level, which was a small one. She killed everything except an undead elite uruk, which killed her. That's frustrating, being killed by the last monster on the last level... By the way, she was my second char that made it to the orc caves, the second one that made that kamikaze dive and the second one that died on the last level.
However, she was the first of my chars to find the phial (Deathwatch... btw: It had "Radius 0" in it's desc) and some weird gloves... uh... Cammithrim or something like that.

I think I feel so ubermighty after killing thousands of orcs ("You have killed at least 37416 of these.") that I start playing way too fast...
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