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Late game advice

Hi folks,

I've got a high-elf warrior at clvl34, 4400'. Dump here.

EDIT: I'm swapping b/w Anduril and a sword of Gondolin{ESP}. I should also mention that I've never been remotely this deep before.

I'm not sure what kinds of things I should be attacking at this point... I've been sticking almost entirely to ancient dragons, o's, O's, and T's, and anything weaker. Probably this has adversely impacted my leveling process ... but I think I owe my survival to excessive discretion.

Anyway, what is safe for me to tackle given my char and gear? Is my current outfit solid? Any basic supplies I'm missing?

I'm also curious as to when people start going after vaults. Is my current gear and plenty of teleport away sufficient?

Thanks in advance!
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