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So you get some great sounding names, like
the Flames of Brenimros [+6], and
the Open Wounds of Faelona [+7] <+4, +1>
but also some less good ones like
the Slow Digestion of Losgarcar <+3, +5, +1>
There is still work to be done here
Ok, I like this idea because it seems like there'd be more variation now among rings, lights, etc. and, for those of us who play randarts regularly, some nifty or disappointing finds.

Would it then be possible to find an artifact light on a wooden torch? Oh, the frustration of finding an immunity or big stat bonus that is "balanced" against a number of turns and then have it disappear when its turns are used up. (I chuckled uneasily when I once found a torch{??} that turned out a to have a sticky-curse playing ironman with a rogue. I quickly equipped it because I thought the rune was "brightness". Good thing it disappeared when it was burned up.)
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