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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
If you play with randarts, please tell me
  • Why you play randarts instead of standarts (whether sometimes or always)
  • What you like about current randarts
  • What you don't like about current randarts
  • Any other things you think might be relevant

I am planning to update the randart code; I have some ideas, but I want to get players' opinions first before saying anything. Please, if you play with randarts, give me as much info as possible, and I will be less likely to break them horribly and make you hate me and your life.
I play ONLY with randarts because I think the game's replayability is much more limited without them. They create an exciting element, because you never know what you might find.

I would like to see Randarts that can only be used by one class. For example, Magician's Staves, which would be weapons (for convenience's sake) that only mages could wield. Other classes could each have their own single category of items for that class only.

I would like to see a game option that could be toggled in which players could name their own Randarts (like Gandalf and Bilbo did) rather than have names randomly generated.

Most of all, I don't want to see Randarts radically changed the way some other things are being radically changed.
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