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Originally Posted by gameplay appreciator View Post
Actually, if the current maintainers release a game that diverges from previous versions primarily in removing detection, all they have to do is call it "angband" and it will still be angband. Getting rid of teleportation effects would be another excellent change. Again, all they'd have to do is keep calling it "angband." Suggestions that such and such an otherwise plausible change will undermine the basic character of a game turn out to be wrong in retrospect. Every. Single. Time.

Put another way, if angband is at bottom a game characterized by constantly recasting detection spells, the time to change is now.
Sure, but Angband isn't at bottom a game characterized by constantly recasting detection spells. It's a game that allows for a variety of play styles, only some of which are characterized by detection. Warriors get basically no detection these days, and the green-book classes aren't much better. It's not a problem because you can live without it. Traps aren't as aggravating as they used to be. Monster and stair detection is vital for extreme power-diving; if you want to play that style, use a rogue or mage. If you play the old-fashioned conservative descent style (not getting more than a few DLs beyond your CL until after max stat gain), you never need to detect at all, as you can easily fight or run from anything that might manage to sneak up on you. Or you can play an intermediate strategy, buying up limited detections (like staves of detect evil and mapping), and saving them for moments when they seem to be important. Level feelings are a helpful, though not completely failsafe, guide to that, which is why I've never had any sympathy for the folks who advocate getting rid of them or turning them off by default.
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