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The amount of detection use that is advisable when you have detection magic is beyond all reason. You should literally use it every 10-15 turns. I don't care about the alleged "variety" that introduces, it's degenerate gameplay. If something has to be done to prop up diving (the playstyle that makes vanilla angband tolerable), then do it. I suggest rethinking the prevalence and power of ESP to bring it in line with magical detection, which as I mention above is better than ESP anyway.

The situation with ESP vs. detection is crufty, naive thinking from 20 years ago. Somehow the fact that ESP works continuously is thought to make it more powerful, even though it doesn't work on monsters that have an excellent chance of killing you if you don't see them coming and there's no reason, within the logic of the game itself, not to use detection magic all the time. It's like this weird situation where effects that hit everything in line of sight with low damage are from higher level spells or rarer items than obviously superior single target effects. Lots of stuff in the game was just not thought through correctly from the start and hung around unchanged for decades.
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