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Originally Posted by gameplay appreciator View Post
Detect monsters costs 1 mp. What are you talking about? I would also remind you that there is no real cost to resting in angband.

The difference between ESP and detection is not a difference in the power of the character. Within the logic of the game itself, not your subjective experience of it, monster detection is straightforwardly superior to ESP. It gives you more information. You talk about the cost of one turn, yet the level of control the game hands to the player is such that you never have to be in a situation where a single turn is critical.

Again, the difference between ESP and detection is that ESP is more convenient and makes the game more playable, but detection is in fact the more powerful ability in that it provides you with more information, generally at a lower cost. Therefore, the prudent design choice is to remove detection as a single turn ability and replace it with ESP. This would have no impact on the balance of the game when played by someone serious about winning.
This forum is populated primarily by people who are "serious about winning", who are among the most skilled in the world at this game, who have been playing for decades, who have won hundreds if not thousands of times, who impose self-challenges like no ASC, no line-of-sight abuse, etc., because the game is too easy, who have won with most or all race/class combinations, and I expect you'll have a very hard time convincing any of them of anything you've claimed in this post.

For instance, your claim that "there is no real cost to resting" is pure hogwash. Of course, many of us, myself included, consider lower turn-count wins to be better wins, but even ignoring that, resting is simply dangerous. Resting without ESP can be deadly. While you rest, monsters wake up and they converge on you and your escape options are reduced.

I lost three resting mages to Azriel (I forget what his new name is) in one week a few months back. In all three cases, he was undetected when I started to rest, and he woke me up with one of his terrible breaths.
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