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Personally, I like to enjoy playing the game, which presumably makes me not serious about winning. On the other hand, I've won the game, so I'm not sure that matters.

You speak of the logic of the game itself as if it were superior to, and separate from, the subjective experience. This is misleading, since there is no more to the game than the subjective experience, and the logic of the game is only one part of that experience.

There is an immense cost to resting and wasting turns in angband, unless you have enough stealth that nothing ever wakes up, and even then it leads to monster generation, which is bad. A turn does not need to be critical to be important. Additionally, there are necessarily stages of the game where a single turn is in fact critical, notably when fighting monsters who can do more than 1/2 of your hp in damage in a single turn.

Detection does not give you more information than ESP. It gives different information. ESP allows you to follow a pattern, which detection does not.

Detect Monsters costs only 1 sp but doesn't detect invisible, which is important, since the first monster I really want ESP for is Dreads, who are invisible. Casting the two alternately wastes more time and sp.

Your proposed solution is to replace detection with ESP. Would this mean giving mages free ESP at level one, or would it mean a spell that gives temporary ESP? Because the former would be nonsense (you're giving detect invisible quite early, and ESP is powerful), and the latter is worse nonsense (in addition to the other problem, it's tedious).
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