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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
I wouldn't put it as part of the fundamental game play.

Instead, I'd perhaps put locks on the stairwells that had to be passed by answering a question, or on a vault door, or something like that.

I certainly wouldn't want to walk up to a random Kobold and, suddenly, a math quiz pops up.

You could also do it on events, such as WoR returning to town, leveiing up, or something like that.

I don't know how many "questions per hour" of play time you would be looking for.

But I think putting the loot behind a locked door could be useful.
The frequency of questions for melee/shooting/attack spells would have to be limited somehow, probably by only having them pop up when you meet a relatively powerful monster, based on the player level. Could also be set so that if you've killed the monster type a given number of times already you wouldn't face any question.
Also if you've recently killed the same monster type you'd also skip the question, so as not to make meeting a mob too tedious.
I agree that the length of Angband may be an obstacle, but if the questions can be varied by changing the user's question/answer array then that could allow you to do all kinds of learning. The questions should be such that they promote a quick recall of knowledge so that the learner think it's beneficial to learn things by heart rather than for example typing the problem into a calculator.
One could even make the save file in the same format as the original so that the player could jump to vanilla if they want.
At the moment my boys are sitting with Prodigy Math where they sometimes have to do long division and similar between each attack, there is only 150 or so different monsters to meet and the different gear they can find/use is almost nil.
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