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I'd suggest the following kinds of things, to make players look forward to questions, and to keep them from interrupting the flow of play:

- Periodically (once every 10 minutes or so, when character is not in combat) ask a easy-to-moderate question. Correct answer grants a buff (like resist or bless).
- Upon descending to a new level, ask a moderate-to-hard question. Success grants an effect similar to !Enlightenment (map level and its treasure).
- Put a "boss" on each level (a unique, or an OOD monster). When it comes into sight, it asks a hard question. Success allows you to engage it; failure teleports @ away.
- Add a "Divine Aid" spell-like ability for all classes. If they get into trouble, they can invoke it to remove a debuff, heal, or remove hunger, etc. Give it a cooldown.

To keep from discouraging players "still learning," I recommend using positive reinforcement only. Never punish @ for players' failure to answer correctly.

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