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A few reproducible crashes or problems running Hellband locally in Cygwin:

- Selecting an option in the "Display current knowledge" menu results either in a "cannot open" error being printed, such as "Cannot open './hellband/lib/dump/cmd_a.tmp'. -more-" when trying option 1, or in the Cygwin terminal prompt abruptly appearing halfway down the screen, and no further input printing (can type "exit" to log out of Cygwin, but progress since the last Hellband save will have been lost)

^This is fixed by manually creating a "/lib/dump/" directory.

- Trying to launch the game ("./hellband/hellband") while in a terminal window smaller than 80x24 prints a warning ("Angband [sic] needs an 80x24 'curses' screen") and then further input typed into the terminal does not print
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