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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
Another minor thing: in object knowledge screen all scrolls (but only scrolls) have a white question mark symbol. Potions and others have various colours.
Potion color is determined by the potion's flavor, e.g. Gloopy Green Potion is green while Crimson Potion is red. All scrolls are white because they're made of paper and paper is white; the flavor for a scroll comes from its title and doesn't affect its appearance.

Another one: when I walk along a corridor without wielded light, the granite is all the time drawn in dark grey, but the sections of corridors that are at the same time room walls are drawn in white as long as they are in my FOV.
Room walls are illuminated by the room; otherwise you wouldn't be able to e.g. see ghosts standing in the walls. I guess technically the walls you're talking about shouldn't be illuminated from your viewpoint, but a tile is either lit or not lit, there's no directionality to it.
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