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A few versions back (I need to die more often) but:

If nothing has changed in the meantime, tap device gets 1.5x more energy from wands than staffs. I would have thought this should be the other way around?

	if (tval_is_staff(obj)) {
		energy = (5 + lev) * obj->pval;
		item = "staff";
	} else if (tval_is_wand(obj)) {
		energy = (5 + lev) * 3 * obj->pval / 2;
		item = "wand";

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I guess the broader question now becomes: if someone is playing with a class they wrote themself, are they still playing Angband, or is it a variant?
Heh. Technically I've been playing "sorta-Angband" for a while now 8-)

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