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Originally Posted by tangar View Post
If before that changes, Vanilla was a place from where you take stuff for old game versions or another variant - 'new Angband' would be itself variant-like game. This is very bad for Angbands' evolution.
This raises an interesting point.

The standard advice to anyone who has an idea that they want implemented in Angband has for a long time been "Make a variant, you can do what you want". I think this is good advice, but it has a kind of evil twin which is "That doesn't belong in Vanilla, that belongs in a variant". I think we need to be careful not to allow the variants to weigh down Vanilla, or define it as all the stuff that every variant should have.

In particular, tangar, I don't think you actually play Vanilla Angband very much. It seems to me that you're treating it a bit like your childhood home - you don't want it to change, but you don't want to live there either. Whereas the people who actually live there are probably the ones I should be listening to the most.
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