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Let's try again:

Buy one !Speed from BM.
Buy 2 !CLW
Farmer Maggot drops a shield [12, +5] {??}
I buy 24 ?phase doors and nothing else as doing so leaves me with 0 gold.

DL1 1-4 level. I find a wand of stun monster; otherwise very typical DL1 experiene and I read a ?Deep Descent.

DL6 2-? feeling. CL3 47hp. A rot jelly blocks my way so I drop my food and melee it. It takes me to 10hp before dying (I don't have a weapon) and takes me to CL4 and 67 max hp.

A scout and a gallant take me to CL5, 77hp and his drop increases my !CLW to 10. I starve to death.

New game:

Buy 1 !speed
Buy 2 !CLW
Buy 17 Phase doors
Spend the rest of my money on 10 iron shots (+2, +5) but don’t buy a sling, figuring I’ll find one in the dungeon.

DL1: Gain level 2 and 40hp; ?Deep Descent to DL6 and gain level 3 (67hp). A skeleton kobold gives me a minor scare as my hit points haven’t regenerated. Find a rapier (21.6 dam per round) and 22 iron shots +9, +8 {??} and +12, +5 AC body armor.

Something eats one of my foods (2 left) so I read the other ?Deep Descent I had picked up and kill it while waiting or it to kick in.

DL11: Exploring the level takes me to CL10 and 130hp; none of the fights were dangerous. Find a torch of brightness and 4 shrooms of clear mind.

DL12: have 22AC; I come to some stairs but decide to explore a little. I gain CL11 and come upon nagas and then cave orcs surround me so I ?phase (18 left) but they are faster than me so I run back to the stairs and exit (they brought me down to 10hp).

DL13: I learn the shots are slay animal on a yellow dragonfly. Grima insults my mother, which I’m quite happy about, as I didn’t want to parlay with him.

DL14: I come to stairs and then a trap door and not finding anything interesting nearby decide to take the stairs.

I have a run in with someone frighteningly familiar: I recognize him from my high school biology class. My rapier reduces the animated human skeleton’s bones to ruin and takes me to CL12. Next I come upon more snagas and cave orcs again and they fall very easily as I am at full health. Find -Curing, -Treasure detection and good arrows. Find an average long bow.

DL15: down to 1 ration of food; level is a 9 -? feeling. Some animals give me a scare and I let a warg take my health too low while meleeing him and I die.

New game:

Farmer maggot drops me 3, +1 {??} gauntlets. I buy a dagger (+2, +2) good for 25.8 dam per round and two !CLW and 19 ?phase doors.

DL1: I kill Fang which takes me to CL4 and 77hp. I consider taking the stairs but decide to explore a little and immediately come to a large room with 4 rations of food! I hit the stairs.

DL2: Stairs

DL3: 2-4 feeling; I fall through a trap door.

DL4: I get blinded for a really long time and have to fight a bunch of things blind, but it all turns out fine. A trap summons a metallic centipede, a cave orc, Brodda and an invisible thing that reduces my wisdom. Brodda’s rapid damage output forces me to ?phase (23 left) to the bottom of a large oval room; I kill the orc and send the centipede fleeing. When Brodda reaches me I have to ?phase again to the top of the room and run to generate. I run away and turn to fight him but it’s fairly futile. I have to stumble through a confusion trap to get away from Brodda, but it uses two !CLW (2 left) to cure the confusion. After running away a lot I finally kill him and have 18 ?phase doors left. He drops me 32, +6 Steelskin Armor, which brings my AC from 6 to 64.

DL5: 2-4 feeling. Potions of sleep confirm my gloves’ free action. I find some {ego} arrows and an average short bow.

The Brodda fight:
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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