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Hello! Welcome to the forums. I have responses to some of your suggestions below.

Originally Posted by jml34 View Post
Issue #1 a UI that trips muscle memory
Fix #1A Don't reorder the inventory
Fix #1B Don't use inventory letters
Spells/prayers could use "handles" instead, which would be shown in the spell description. E.g. all healing stuff would use a 2-letter handle starting with "h" so “cure light wounds”, the first healing spell, would be "mha", then "phb" is “cure serious wounds” etc. Bolts coud be "b" so "mbc" or "mbf" would launch a bolt of cold/frost, but magic missiles get spammed so they should probably be assigned a 1-letter handle. Rationale: find a balance between easy to remember, and easy to type for the most used ones.
We had some discussion awhile back about, more or less, not tying the spellcasting UI to the spellbooks. But rather, when you'd go to cast a spell, you'd get a list of all of the spells you currently had access to (based on which books you were carrying, your level, etc.), and these spells would always have consistent "addresses". I like the idea, but it hasn't been implemented yet, mostly I think because nobody's had the right combination of enthusiasm and skill to make the necessary code changes.

Categorizing based on spell type is another possible way to handle it, and I could see doing that for consumables as well, though that feels a little strange to me.

Issue #2 limited house size
I think you can actually change your house size (well, the size of all stores, including your house) through a config file. The UI isn't really set up well for it though. We'd need better pagination support for example.

That said, the more stuff you have in your house, the harder it is to interact with it, even if you have a good UI. There's just more stuff to look at and consider whether you need it. Angband's house may be too small but it's not healthy to keep everything either.

Angband as a knowledge game One of the greatest improvements was about monster memory. So now, even if I die, I still got something that will help the next character; I've never looked for a spoiler file since then. I think angband could go further in this direction.
You'll get divided opinions on this. While yes, there are players that enjoy the discovery aspect of the game, it's also absolutely the case that late-game Angband resembles rocket tag, and not knowing what your opponent can do can be lethal. In short, the balance of the game is not particularly well-suited to imperfect knowledge on the part of the player. It's doable, absolutely -- otherwise we wouldn't have any winners -- but attempts to decrease player knowledge without a corresponding removal of instadeaths isn't going to sit well with many players.

Stacking limits I'd like to tell the auto-pickup that I just want to stack 20 ?Phase Door and 4 Staffs of Teleportation etc.
Has been requested before; as above, we're waiting for someone with the right combination of interest and programming skill.

Conditional ignore "ignore unless useful" E.g. I'd like to ignore stat potions only when my stat is maxed out, not drained.
It's not always easy to define what "useful" means. This would therefore amount to coding a bunch of heuristics into the game, and not all players would agree with all heuristics. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare to me, personally.

Try-again command So I select a rod, select a target/direction, then fail to use the rod. I'd use a command to try again if there was any...
Try the 'n' command.

Artifact Museum
Some variants have this! Vanilla doesn't, for whatever reason. *shrug*

Missing death throes I think you're missing a cool opportunity there. What's with a plain short "You die..." message after hours of gameplay??? Wouldn't your character have some death throes? English is not my first language but I can still come up with ”O Gods! Were the hopes you bestowed me all for naught?” or “The unjustice! The villainy! You haven't prevailed, for a stronger one will rise, your demise nigh!”. Dunno it those were any good, but you can probably find lots of good quotes and print a random one just before "You die...".
ZAngband pioneered this. It tends to be very silly at best, though that likely has something to do with the text of the death quotes and the fact that they're also used by all speaking unique monsters. You don't really expect Mughash to spout Shakespeare when he's killed, nor for Sauron to say "He hit me for HOW MUCH?!"
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