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My level 40 dwarf paladin, Tarwe, fought and killed Ar-Pharazon on DL 99. While ransacking his corpse for anything useful, a Dracolisk came round the corner. Tarwe tried teleporting the interloper away, but failed! Draco promptly breathed Nexus, which was one of the few holes in Tarwe's resistances. Instantly, Tarwe was down to exactly 1 h.p.!

A secondary effect of that noxious breath was a teleport away, smack into a room with the Balrog of Moria! Luckily, the Balrog was asleep and Tarwe managed to slip out, cast a few healing spells, and then lured the Balrog into more favorable terrain for battle.

Both uniques dead, but it is the closest call I've ever had without getting the tombstone.
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