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PosChengBand auto-insription?

Hey folks,

Been out of the loop for a while and getting back into the swing of some good ole' PosChengBand. I'm currently playing 7.0 (I know there's a newer one that is substantially updated, but haven't gotten around to that one yet). I was looking around to auto-inscribe items, and I'm not seeing it.

I don't remember if I used to do it and I just don't remember how, or if I had never bothered with it when I used to play it. Ideally, I'd like to auto-inscribe certain potions, scrolls, staves etc on pick-up. Is that even a thing in this variant? Or am I just wishing for a Vanilla feature that never came into this variant.

I seem to recall being able to do that directly from the Object Knowledge section (against in Vanilla), but don't see the option here.
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