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Originally Posted by eastwind View Post
So another way to ask my same question is, after you push a change to your private fork and then get it merged into master, what do you have to do to your private fork to clean or reset or sync it with master so it's ready for the next change?
I'm still a novice at this as well, but this seems to work better than deleting your private fork and recreating it:
  • Keep the master in your fork only for changes that were made in Angband's master fork. When new changes come out in Angband's master pull them into your master, i.e. with the git command line interface make sure you are in the master branch in your fork and run
    git pull
  • For a related set of changes you want to make, create a branch in your fork. Usually you'd probably want the branch to be based off the master branch in your fork.
  • When you are ready to send your changes to the maintainer, push that branch to github and create a pull request for Angband from github's web interface.
  • If new changes to Angband's master come out while you're still working on a change, pull them into the master branch of your fork. In the branch for your change that's still in progress, run
    git rebase master
    so it picks up the new changes from upstream.
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