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Originally Posted by eastwind View Post
Thanks again, your advice to create a local branch worked, and I managed to push another small fix. Getting my fork updated from the master was more troublesome, I ended up having to make a pull request against my own branch (vs the usual ones against master), and then accept it. I couldn't find another way to get the web page to sync your recent commits into my fork.
To sync the master branch in GitHub's copy of your fork with what's in Angband's master branch, I would recommend pushing from your local copy. That would look something like:
  1. Check out the master branch in your local copy:
    git checkout master
  2. Pull the changes into it from the Angband repository:
    git pull
  3. Push those changes to the copy of your fork on GitHub:
    git push

With remotes configured, you can skip having to supply full URLs. Someone who's more familiar with this probably can recommend what a standard remote configuration would look like for this scenario and the git remote commands to run to get it.
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