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locked doors?

I was messing around with the town a little bit, and I wanted to add some extra non-shop buildings, with doors, that the player couldn't open. Just for color, to make it look like there were some homes in the town or whatever.

How do I lock a door against the player? I called square_set_door_lock() and gave it a high power, and stepped through the code for that routine and it did it's thing. The lock doesn't show up for the player (because that's the way the trap is defined) but it also doesn't stop the player from opening the door.

Are doors now lockable only against monsters?

Also, I thought I remembered seeing a shockbolt tile of a door with a chain and lock across it, and I can't find that tile anymore either.

Time to punt on this? I can always make the extra buildings doorless, but that's less flavorful.
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