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In cmd-cave.c

 * Determine if a given grid may be "opened"
static bool do_cmd_open_test(struct loc grid)
	/* Must have knowledge */
	if (!square_isknown(cave, grid)) {
		msg("You see nothing there.");
		return false;

	/* Must be a closed door */
	if (!square_iscloseddoor(cave, grid)) {
		msgt(MSG_NOTHING_TO_OPEN, "You see nothing there to open.");
		return false;

	return (true);
I'd add an extra check for permalocked door, though you'd have to add the relevant bit in cave-square.c & the routine to set a permalocked door.

Another way you can do it would be to make lock values > x unpickable. Anyway you can look through the door opening code in cmd-cave.c & see if there's anything you are comfortable changing.
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