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Ok, so I looked at the caller, do_cmd_open_aux(), set a breakpoint in it, and discovered that trying to move onto the door one time actually rolls 100 times for lock picking. Given that do_cmd_open_aux() enforces a minimum 2% chance of success on each roll, any character with any level of lockpicking skill will succeed against any lock with any power 87% of the time. 1-(.98^100).

When I comment out the minimum 2% enforcement line, I get
"you failed to pick the lock" (100x).

So I could put a specific check in do_cmd_open_aux() for depth == 0 *and* power > 90, and set the power of the doors I make > 90 and then if a wizard creates another door it won't have power > 90 (I assume) and so that new door will be openable.

if ((player->depth == 0) && (j > 90)) {
/* print special you-fail message */

and if I put this before j is changed from power to difficulty, it should work, but will print the special you-fail message 100 times each time they try.

IMHO 100 rolls is too many to give on one player try.
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