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Anyone out there still play Ey?

Hullo, all! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Just looking about to see if anyone still plays EyAngband. Quite a few years ago, I tried it, liked it, and stuck with it. I really like the quest system, and the non- 18/* stat progression.

After coming to the (long overdue) realization that it has joined the ranks of the never-to-be-maintained variants, this forum led me to try FA. It seems quite interesting, though I'm getting used to the whole wilderness thing. Any advice specific to my newchosen variant would be appreciated. Specifically, what level should I aim for the dungeon bosses? Also, do player ghosts automatically generate 'special' feelings, or is that specific to artifacts?

I've been playing random chars, and my present guy (Dwarf Pally) just got Boots of Speed (+8) from a player ghost on the first Mountain level outside his hometown. I think I'll be nursing him along for a bit, especially as Lost Souls got his WIS down to 11, and there aren't any restore pots in town.
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