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Originally Posted by Slonk View Post
...this forum led me to try FA. It seems quite interesting, though I'm getting used to the whole wilderness thing. Any advice specific to my newchosen variant would be appreciated.
I've never played Ey so I'm not sure what you are used to - does Ey have V or O combat? If you are not used to O combat, then big damage dice are much more important than deadliness. Also make good use of the merchants to stock up on consumables.
Originally Posted by Slonk View Post
Specifically, what level should I aim for the dungeon bosses?
A lot depends on your class, equipment and consumables. With an HE Assassin and the Mana Burn speciality I've taken Mim as low as CL22 - but usually I'd aim for CL25-30. Then Glaurung anywhere from CL35-40+ - without being too spoily it is about knowing what the minimum level of kit you need to face these guardians is and less about what level you happen to be.
Originally Posted by Slonk View Post
Also, do player ghosts automatically generate 'special' feelings, or is that specific to artifacts?
I've not played with preserve off, so I've no idea regarding 'special' feelings.

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