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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Yes, only artifacts automatically generate special feelings; player ghosts will just add to the level feeling.

I consider playing FA with preserve off, well, brave - I am planning to have preserve always on in the next version (as part of removing all birth options).

You know you're going to die horribly now

In case you hadn't noticed, too - dwarves generally have + to INT and - to WIS in FA, and elves tend to be the opposite.
Through further experimentation, i have determined that player ghosts will indeed generated special feelings on their own. This is similar to Ey, where out of depth pits and vaults can also trigger special feelings w/o artifacts.

<shrug> Brave = ignorant in this case. I've never played with preserve on, even back in my V days in the mid-late 90's.

Why thank you very much! Four consecutive fizzes on the tele staff got me splattered. I never even made it to the dungeon. <--- forum n00b. Not quite sure how to split quotes.

Thanks for the tips, I'll just keep plugging along.

In response to the question about Ey combat, I'm guessing its more like O (never having played O). There are no damage enchants. Damage is strictly dice, sides, and brands. The base weapon damage is also quite a bit different in Ey than FA i've noticed.
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