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I don't know how O solved the rods, but I know that they are probably usefull because you have to be very creative about killing monsters and rods and wands make a nice attack thingy. Adding stronger rods would probably help, also turning mages into guys with lots of rods and wands with some utility spells and such by making them get bonuses with them, artifact wands, rods and staffs. How about a bonus for damage scaling with INT along with a few bonuses for the mage. "You feel a surge of power in the wand. The xxxx dies." would be a x2 multiplier or so. Currently the usefull rods are teleother, detection rods of most sorts, speed and healing. Staves are teleport, banish, destruct, speed, healing. Wands are teleother and that's pretty much it. How do we deal with this?
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