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A great space stratogy rpg game with text


This I'm afraid is a shameless plug, but it's a shameless plug for an exceptionally good game so hopefully people will appreciate it.

The smugglers series is a series of moderately famous turn based scifi trading, exploration and combat games set in the 22nd centurey made by niels bauer games at

Four factions are fighting a massive intersteller war, the federation lead by earth trying to recapture their colonies, the outer rim fighting for independence from the federation, the peacefull trader coalition trying to protect their prophets, and the piratical syndicate bent on grabbing as much loot and teretory as possible.

The smugglers games are similar to elite, accept for being turn based and using text and clickable mages. You have a ship, and must battle, trade, and explore your way to victory!

Each game has added more to the mix, smugglers 4 for instance added a deeply complex new turn based battle system with action points, as well as different professions such as trader, bounty hunter and pirate.

The fifth game, smugglers 5 is now out, and it's frankly taken things into over drive.

Random encounters, the ability to run companies or even forge a hole galactic empire, a vastly improved combat system yet again with even more abilities as well as intelligent enemies, exploration of planets with random missions and lots of other good stuff.

the only really sad thing is that people have cryticized the game for not having 3D graphics, which is absolutely dire!

So, when thinking of those who can apprciate a game for it's good design and great gameplay rather than it's graphics, and are quite happy with a game featuring a lot of text, I obviously thought of Angband players.

I can't recommend the game enough, it's absolutely fantastic. It is! a commercial game, but there is a complete demo available.

Also, on the same site are several other games by niels bauer people might want to take a look at, such as empires and dungeons, a mix of rpg and resource management.

Sorry for the add, but when i heard the cryticism of the game for not having graphics it really got up my nose, so I'm trying to do what I can by letting people who actually have a good judgement about games know about it.

I absolutely recommend giving it a try.
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