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Unfortunately, the items that the player starts with are just bog-standard examples of the base item type. There are special base item types for the lightsources (the Phial, Star, and Arkenstone), that are normally never generated without being turned into artifacts -- but character creation works around that.

For the same reason, you never get magical or ego-item equipment in your starting gear.

If you want to be able to map and light every level, then you could use the debug/wizard-mode commands. I believe the correct invocation is ^al. That is, shift-6, a, l. You'll be asked for confirmation the first time you do ^a, but not thereafter. Unfortunately doing this prevents your score from being recorded, since you are, after all, cheating.

Mental note: when Pyrel gets around to a scores list, record cheaters on a different scoresheet instead of not recording them at all.
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