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Yes, there are actually 2 modes of "debug". The normal debug mode is reached by pressing "Shift-6" and then "a". Wizard mode is reached by pressing "Ctrl-w" and then "y" for accepting the *Cheater* flag and forfeiting your score. Debug mode also carries the Cheater flag, but gives no warning.
It seems both modes are identical as far as what you can do. Here is a list of Debug commands in debug mode (keep in mind this is 3.0.4):
^a - Debug mode
c - (C)reate basic item
d - (D)etect all
e - modify character att, (E)xp, etc
f - (F)ully *Identify*
g - Create {(G)ood} equipment
h - Show Life Rating
i - (I)dentify
j - (J)ump to Level (0-127)
k - Self (K)nowledge
m - Magic (M)apping
o - Modify (O)bject
p - (P)hase Door
s - (S)ummon Monster
t - (T)eleport Self
u - Detect Monsters
v - Create {exceptional} and {special} equipment
w - Reveal (W)hole Level Map
x - Gain E(X)P

If anyone has any tips on what to modify in the source code to remove the annoying Cheater flag, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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