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3.4.1 Morgoth/vault tunnelling bug?

It's good (kinda) to see that Morgy has upped his chasing game, and that he no longer sits outside vaults scratching his head.

But... in this particular vault he refuses to tunnel through the interior wall, instead choosing to walk around to an opening. Once inside the inner wall he's happy to chip off corners, walk through one of those four central pillars, etc.

EDIT: I've moved to the corridor entrance eight clicks to the right of the above position; the banished Morgy has approached me from due west. Instead of travelling straight through the vault he has skirted the around the outside of the perma-wall and is now directly south of me. Perhaps he knows that those walls are load-bearing, and he doesn't want to end up with 99 dungeon levels and a town on his head.

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