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Originally Posted by Jude View Post
-Create wall. Maybe this already exists somewhere; if not it seems like it should. Wall destruction already lets you shape the battlefield to some degree; this is the converse of that. As a monster ability it seems like it would be too potentially buggy, but maybe it could work some way..
Portralis has a "Grow Trees" spell effect that lets you create trees, so it's kind of similar. Can be combined with many Ranger abilities!

Originally Posted by Jude View Post
-A few ideas from Diablo 2....Iron Maiden/Thorns (an aura similar to electric/fire auras in Z where anybody who hits you takes double or more the damage...might be overpowered though),
Portralis also has something like this in one of the Mage's abilities. Elemental Lord has an elemental variation of this.

Originally Posted by Jude View Post
-Ring of Fire or similar - runes of warding already let you create a safe spot on the floor; why not cast a spell on the squares immediately around you that hurt any monsters which step close to you?
Not exactly the same thing, but I have implemented elemental damages field in Portralis, which will cause damages to enemies stepping into them.

Portralis has quite a few things I'm sure you'd like, but keep in mind that it's extremely different from Z.
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