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Originally Posted by Mangojuice View Post
A lot of these effects are already in Zangband, and some more of them made it independently into my Z+Angband project, which I've just released for the first time.

Exists in Zangband. There is a nature spell "wall of stone" that surrounds you with walls.

Zangband had it. My variant doesn't: I was trying to compress the one school of magic that had the spell in it.

Vampiric draining is in Zangband as you mention. Mindcrafters have an ability that does damage to foes and gives them mana. My variant has a couple of spells that can get you extra mana in other ways.

Zangband has "Wraithform" as a top-level Death spell. You can pass through walls and take much reduced damage.

Z+Angband features a "Wall of Fire" spell that works much like this.

It's called "Alter Reality."

I had actually contemplated a spell I was going to call "Imprison" which would have worked like an Alter Reality spell you cast on a monster instead: *they* get sucked into the alternate reality and can't get back to yours... effectively, banishing them. But somehow it didn't fit. *shrugs*.

All sounds interesting...although Alter Reality is a lot more drastic than temporarily banishing one unique!

Also for the wall of stone, I was thinking you'd be able to choose where you want to make the wall, as in targeting, not just all around you. (isn't there a trump effect that does that too? I've never played with Trump much, just looked at spoilers)
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