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*POTIONS* of stat gain

What's the difference between 'Increase stat' and 'increase *stat*'?
I'm guessing that the *** is better, but how much better?

Also, found my very first potion of 'restore mana'. Is this a full or partial restoration?

And, just a question of choice (ent, priest CL24). Currently exploring AR29, which is just about all I can handle. Currently have a Cloak of Stealth (+2 to stealth) and have the opportunity to buy a Cloak of Protection from Shrapnel (+38%). Which do you think will serve me better? They have about equal pluses to AC and and both would be my only form of stealth/prot from shard.

What's the deal with protection from acid (potion of acid/elec)? It gave 55% resistance according to the 'C'haracter screen, but the water hounds I was fighting was damaging my equipment with almost every attack.
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