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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
What's the difference between 'Increase stat' and 'increase *stat*'?
I'm guessing that the *** is better, but how much better?
The ordinary ones will only increase the internal value of the stat up to 18. To go above that you need *stat*.

Also, found my very first potion of 'restore mana'. Is this a full or partial restoration?
Full, and they're generally something to stash for the endgame.

And, just a question of choice (ent, priest CL24). Currently exploring AR29, which is just about all I can handle. Currently have a Cloak of Stealth (+2 to stealth) and have the opportunity to buy a Cloak of Protection from Shrapnel (+38%). Which do you think will serve me better? They have about equal pluses to AC and and both would be my only form of stealth/prot from shard.
I'd probably go with stealth, unless you find yourself getting really hammered by shards breathers.

What's the deal with protection from acid (potion of acid/elec)? It gave 55% resistance according to the 'C'haracter screen, but the water hounds I was fighting was damaging my equipment with almost every attack.
Acid resistance will reduce but not remove the chance of stuff being damaged by acid. Water hounds are high on my list of monsters to avoid.
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