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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
(1) Are rods of pesticide useful
Whenever I use them they kill lots but not enough, and the next round there are just as many as before
They're useful to sell in town for about 1000 gold. The easiest way to deal with a lice infestation is to just walk away and take a staircase instead of carrying around a device specifically for it, and the rods only do about 5 damage per zap so they're too weak to kill anything more durable than lice, even yeeks or kobolds.

(2) Are devices that emit beams of light only good for killing orcs
There are two different kinds of light. Weak light, from wands of light or staves of starlight, will only damage light-vulnerable monsters like orcs or vampires.
Strong light, from rods of beam of light, staves of starburst, high-level angels' starburst spell, ethereal drake or light hound breath, etc, can damage anything (and resistance to it is pretty rare)

(3) Is there a reason that the always small levels option doesn't effect many dungeons
I couldn't tell you the answer to this one, though.
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