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The way it is currently, you get no experience for terrifying, but you do get experience for walking around the dungeon (you're practicing spells in your head, getting stamina from all the exercise, probably... uh... doing weapons forms, etc), but significantly more when you have monsters in your line of sight, so that interesting scenarios like running away or fighting are rewarded. You don't get any experience for resting (even though theoretically you could be practicing spells in your head, etc, that whole time). Spending time on deeper levels yields more experience. So you can read a ? of deep descent and just try to survive and get rewarded with a couple clevels.

You still get experience for killing monsters, the full amount, which now that I think about it could be reduced for realism's sake. Gameplay-wise, I think it's fine.

It's a poignant gameplay decision, to kill for experience. A warrior can kill Grip at 50' and instantly advance to level 4 or 5. If you don't accidentally kill anyone else after that before you process all your sorrow, you're good, but otherwise you will probably lose the game.
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