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Comp 218

Rules: We are playing Frogcomposband 7.0.nougat.

Character must be
Race: Imp
Class: Lawyer
Personality: Shrewd

Birth options affecting score must be as follows:

Coffee-break mode (accelerated game) (*)        : no  (coffee_break)                                                                                                                          
Easy monster health and damage information (*)  : no  (easy_damage)                                                                                                                        
Monsters learn from their mistakes (*)          : yes (smart_learn)                                                             
Monsters exploit player's weaknesses (*)        : no  (smart_cheat)                                                                                                                       
Stores are permanently closed (*)               : no  (ironman_shops)                                                           
Disable recall and use of up stairs (*)         : no  (ironman_downward)                                                        
Always create empty 'arena' levels (*)          : no  (ironman_empty_level)                                                     
Nightmare mode(it isn't even remotely fair!)(*) : no  (ironman_nightmare)                                                                                                                
Preserve artifacts (*)                          : yes (preserve_mode)
All other birth options are at the player's discretion besides:

Play without a wilderness                       : no  (no_wilderness)
Any beginning stat distribution is allowed.

Winner is the first (turncount-wise) to kill the serpent, and if no winner then experience/turncount will be used instead.
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